Artist and photographer Emily Bates began the series Lost Spring during the sun-filled spring of 2020, also known as the first Covid-19 lockdown in the Netherlands.

Held in the mouth, the plants and flowers collected during local walks, resemble face-masks.

Masks to protect, to celebrate and to mourn.

The series was a daily meditation practice and personal reflection on the surreal and uncertain times experienced during the global pandemic.

Made simply with an iPhone, the images were shared on social media with friends around the world, connecting and supporting during a time of physical isolation, fear and loss.


Lost Spring has subsequently been included in group exhibitions online (Corona in the City, Amsterdam Museum), in print (The Smile of the Sphinx, Sarajevo), and as a video (Onward & Upward: Art in the Garden of Life, Droog gallery, Amsterdam). A special video commission, Lost Spring. Lost Year, launched at Museum W in the south of the Netherlands in March 2022.


A selection from the series are offered for sale here, as special edition prints and playful artist edition postage stamps, two years after the series began, as a poetic reminder that we must learn to live with global pandemics, with the fragility of nature and the transience of life.

A special selection is also offered in support for Ukraine.



    The inaugural artists video commission for Museum W in Limburg, the Netherlands.

    Museum W 
  • This special animation was created from the Lost Spring Covid-19 lockdown series, and its continuation. It includes 52 plants representing a year through flora.

    The images move slowly through the new facade of the museum, from one giant led screen to the other, echoing early animation techniques and magic lanterns, (some examples of which can be found within the museums collection).

  • On view daily until 31 July 2022

    10 am - 9 pm

    (Sundays from 11 am)


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